Who are we

What do we run

We are product designers and strategic sustainable developers.

Pinkorange Studio was founded in the summer of 2018 by Julia Sand and Ditte Marie Fog. On the dream of creating positive, long-lasting changes for businesses and organisations.

We are a combination of an original frisky thinker and a graphic geek with shape(perfection)istic moves.

Both committed practitioners, who insist on human-centered design.

We have common love for honest products and we will always seek to create thoughtful and high-impact design solutions. We will help companies transform their mindset and their ability to continuously do sustainable improvements.

During the start up of Pinkorange, we co-founded fivemoreminures. A company, making linnen products. The brand is created on a common love for honest products, thoughtful designs, and with a dream of bringing sustainable textiles into our homes.


Pinkorange is educated using the magical methods; Collect, Comprehend, Conceptualize and Create. We are the perfekt duo of the CCCC. We work with; Empathize in our fieldwork and get new understanding of human behaviour. Define and identifying a solution to the problem. Ideate and transform ideas into opportunities. Create prototype and refining and implementing the solution.

What we offer

User insight and human behavior analyses.

New and innovative products.

Brand Identity.

Sustainable insights.



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Citizen involvement & temporary urban space
Field works and interventions on Zanzibar
Urban Development in Shanghai
Cyclists and Wayfinding
Co-creation with patients
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